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Open from 26.03.2021 to 31.10.2021

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Camper, Trailer, Mobilehome and Caravan

The Piccolo Paradiso offers about 70 pitches for guests with their own vehicle (camper, caravan, mobilehome, caravan). The pitches vary in size (from about 60 sqm to about 100 sqm) and are located in three separate areas of the campsite. The departure or arrival with the vehicle on your own pitch is possible at any time during transit times without any obstacles. In the low season it is possible to choose freely between the pitches still available, while in the high season the pitches are allocated at the time of reservation according to the characteristics of the vehicle and other organisational criteria.

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If you come to the campsite with your own tent, there are about 130 plots of different character and size (up to a maximum of about 100 square metres) spread over the entire site at your disposal. In the low season it is possible to choose freely between the plots that are still available, while in the high season the plots are allocated at the time of booking.

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Chalet & Bungalow

At Piccolo Paradiso it is now also possible to stay in one of the new and comfortable chalets (maximum occupancy: 4 people plus any animals). The pleasant chalets have beds with mattresses, a small kitchen corner, a table with chairs and a covered outdoor terrace. It is not possible to place tents or other objects in the garden of the chalets.

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Seasonal place

The campsite offers the option of renting a seasonal place with a natural layout beautifully located in the immediate vicinity of the river. The minimum rental period is 2 months (between March and October). The maximum occupancy is 2 adults plus children and animals. Electricity, hot water and taxes are already included in the price. Your guests will be billed separately (according to the official price list).

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