authentic taste of typical Ticino products

Ticino is a region of Switzerland known for its natural beauty, but also for its gastronomic culture. Typical Ticino products are in fact highly appreciated by both locals and tourists, thanks to their quality, authenticity and unique flavours.

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Here are some of the best known and most appreciated typical Ticino products:

CHEESES: Switzerland is world famous for its cheeses, and Ticino is no exception. Among the typical cheeses of the region we find the Ticinese goat cheese, the Ticinese Alpe cheese and the Ticino cheeses of Vallemaggia, Fusio, Robiei

CURED MEAT: Ticino cured meats are a delight for the palate. Among the best known are the Luganiga, Luganighetta Ticino and Salametto Ticino.

WINES: Ticino is a wine region, with numerous wineries producing high quality wines. Among the typical vines are Merlot, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

HONEY: Ticino is also famous for its honey, produced by the numerous bees that inhabit the valleys and woods of the region. Ticino honey is appreciated for its delicacy and unique flavour.

BAKERY PRODUCTS: Ticino baked goods are a unique experience. Among the best known are the Vallemaggia Bread, the Chestnut Focaccia, the Ticino Amaretti, and the Panettone.

Your holiday at our campsite will allow you to discover the best products of Ticino in very short trips with the possibility of personally visiting selected producers to give you the best of Ticino flavors directly at their headquarters. (by appointment)

Piora raw ham aging cellar with observation point

The observation point of the aging cellar in Cadagno is open to the public and freely accessible from June to September, thanks to two small windows that allow you to observe the aging process of Piora raw ham from the outside. It is in fact in this important phase that the scents of the pure mountain air give the Ham its softness, rosy colour, sweetness and refined nutty note.

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Vallemaggia pepper

Pepe della Vallemaggia, although pepper does not grow in the valley, was so called by its creator, Virgilio Matasci, who, together with his son Elis, enriches the spice in his small family workshop in Bignasco, in Vallemaggia. Pepper, thanks to the addition of local spices, deliberately kept secret, from strictly Ticino white wine, grappa and whiskey, has a spicy flavour, a fresh and soft consistency.