Excursions and activities
in the Maggia Valley.

In the background you can see the mountains covered with trees and vegetation. The sky is blue and clear.
More detailed description of the various elements present in the image:
The river:The river is crystal clear and flows quickly between the rocks. The river water is cold and refreshing, ideal for swimming on a hot summer day.
The mountains:The mountains seen in the background are covered in trees and vegetation. The mountains give the landscape a wild and evocative appearance.
The sky:The sky is blue and clear. Clear skies and clean air are typical of the Ticino region.

Swim and Relax

A few metres from the campsite is the river Maggia, where natural pools dug into the rock in various shades of blue and fine sandy beaches await you. If you prefer to swim in the lake or in the swimming pool, you can easily reach the Locarno Swimming Centre (also by public transport) or head for Lido Ascona.

Hiking and Trekking

The Maggia Valley as well as the other areas of Ticino are a wonderful location for hiking. The offer is really very wide, from relaxing walks on the valley floor to more demanding hikes at high altitudes. Let yourself be inspired!


Mountain bike enthusiasts as well as racing or electric bike users can discover the enchanting area through unforgettable excursions. The Vallemaggia has a new cycle path, and the bravest mountain bikers will find exciting single trails. Discover the most interesting routes!

Climbing & Bouldering

The Maggia Valley offers an infinite number of climbing walls. In the surroundings of the campsite there are two of the most famous climbing spots: Torbeccio and Ponte Brolla. Torbeccio, easily reachable on foot, offers different levels of difficulty and rock heights, for more and less experienced climbers. In Avegno there is also the possibility to practice bouldering, near Terre di Fuori, just 10 minutes on foot from the Piccolo Paradiso. In Ponte Brolla you can experience climbing on granite, with a maximum grade of 5c+ for a total of 380 metres. For the descent you can use a beautiful forest path.